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Everybody is unique. Only the best make a difference

Who we are

We are experts in trans continental business development with a specific orientation to connect Asia and the Western World


We are an audience that listens to your unique needs and vision.

We are coaches who grow your company’s natural strengths and hidden capabilities.

We are mechanics who efficiently fine-tune your commercial engine.

We are creators who think outside the box.

We are guides who provide net-work and know-how where ever you need it

We are commandos who fight to build and defend your empire.

We are surgeons who fix only what needs healing

We are salesmen who deliver tangible commercial results.

We are scouts who track the right targets.

We are appraisers who find true values.


We are here for you, so go ahead…


…Make A Difference

What we do

While our approach is tailor made for each and every client individually here are some headlines that describe what we do:


Market Analysis: Identifying market gaps and eliminating barriers to entry.
Evaluating the competition.


Strategic Planning: Maintaining sustainable growth by setting the right vision and mission. Identifying KPIs and reference points on the road to success.


Positioning: Standing out in the competitive environment. Definging the brand identity and communication strategy.


Marketing Strategy: Paving the way to consumers, from local launch to global expansion to portfolio diversification.


Brand Management: Maintaining, evolving and value maximizing your brands. Finding the right methodology to evaluate your intangible assets.


Business Development, Sales & Distribution: Finding the right path to grow your turnover and profit.


Licensing & Merchandising: Monetizing the goodwill of your intellectual property through licensing and merchandising partnerships.


Customer Loyalty Management: Maximizing customer value by designing, maintaining and improving customer loyalty management strategies.


M&A: Buyer recruitment & acquisition target scouting. Due diligence and valuation services. Deal structuring and negotiation.


Strategic Partnerships & Alliances: Identifying mutually beneficial business relationships, barter opportunities and benefits.


Fundraising: Connecting businesses and investors. Optimizing and streamlinign the fund raising process.

Who we do it for

We are experts in global business expansion, with a presence in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America.


Our skills are specifically atoned to companies with a high dependency on intellectual property.


As such we predominantly work with digital start ups, technology pioneers, venture capital firms, and media companies who seek pro-active globalized services.

Where we do it

A representative will be happy to meet you at the below locations or to arrange a visit to your place of business

Hong Kong:

3905 Two Exchange Square

8 Connaught Place

Hong Kong


1 Shenkar Street

4672501 Herzliya




80333 Munich


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